• Some secondary programs use a matrix to qualify students. Students who are qualified are entered in a lottery to determine who is offered a seat. This year, all schools that use a matrix will be using the same matrix.


    In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the HISD Office of School Choice expanded matrix scoring, granting students an additional opportunity to receive the highest score possible. The matrix formulas are as follows:

    • Method 1 (traditional HISD formula): Uses student 2021 STAAR scores combined with end-of-year grades, or core average, to calculate a combined matrix score.
    • Method 2 (expanded formula): Uses 2021 end-of-year grades ONLY to calculate a core average matrix score

    Only the highest score will be used for your child’s application.

    Please note that the scores previously visible on the application from September 17, 2021- October 19, 2021 were using grades and scores from two years ago or the Spring of 2020 and may have changed using the most current information.

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