WHAT is a PCT?

    A PCT refers to any transfer that does not involve a Magnet transfer. .


    Boundary Option

    • HISD residents in a limited number of school zones have a boundary option to attend an HISD Board approved boundary Option school on a space available basis.


    Language of Instruction

    • For the purpose of transferring English Language Learners or Monolingual English speakers to a school that offers the required classes in ESL/Bilingual or in all English courses when the zoned school does not offer a Bilingual class or only offers Dual Language classes.



    • Approval may be granted for a student to attend a school near the parent's place of employment or the child's after-school care because of extenuating circumstances that prevent the student from enrolling into their zoned school. (Includes HISD resident employees who wish to enroll their child at a school close to their work location).



    • To the extent feasible, the district will attempt to keep a homeless child in the "school of origin," except when doing so is contrary to the wishes of the child's parents or guardians. Students impacted by Hurricane Harvey can attend the school of enrollment prior to the storm or their current zoned school.


    Public Education Grant (PEG)

    • Student is enrolled in an Out of District school that is low-performing during the past 3 academic years or a school in which less than 50% of students in the school passed STAAR exams during 2 of the previous 3 year. Out of District PEG transfers will only be processed  if there is an agreement between HISD and another school district.


    Special Education

    • Students require a special education program not available at the zoned campus. Includes sibling of special education students as required by state law 


    Violent Crime Victim (VCV)

    • No Child Left Behind transfer for students who were victims of violent crimes on their home campus.


    Out of District Transfers Not Enrolled in HISD and New Students

    • Students that are new to the district are eligible for this type of transfer.