A note is required whenever a student does not attend school. The note will be used to determine if a student's absences is "excused" or "unexcused".  Attendance is a vital part in determining if a student meets the required promotion standards.


    Parent the absentee note needs the following information:


    1.                 Full legal name of student. Please write both first and last name;


    2.                 Exact date(s) the student was absent. Please do not write yesterday or last Tuesday;


    3.                 Reason for the absence(s);


    4.                 Parent’s/Guardian's Signature and daytime phone number;


    5.       The notes need to be turned into the student’s teacher no later than three days after absence; and


    6.           The school will maintain absentee notes in a permanent file. 



    Compulsory School Attendance Law (TEC. Sec. 25.085):

    Requires all students in PreK and Kindergarten as well as children between the ages of 6 and 17 years of age to be in school or a parent can be subject to a $500 fine plus court cost.