• Ms. Laws’s Reading Modified Class

    Course Description:

    Welcome to Reading, This Reading course introduces students to the major genres, themes, and approaches that they will encounter throughout high school. Students will understand and use different skills and strategies to read for a variety of purposes.                                                                                                       

    Student Expectations:

    Students are expected to practice the previously learned concepts and working on a regular basis to learn new concepts.
    Keep in touch with me on a regular basis about difficulties.
    Work on assignments seriously and be prepared to ask questions when the assignment is reviewed .Paying full attention in class, taking good notes and reviewing them daily.

    Classroom Rules:

    1. The students are to be prepared for class (get binder, sharpen pencils)

    2. Students will raise their hand and receive permission before speaking in class.

    3. The students will treat others and the teacher with respect and courtesy.

    4. The students will refrain from eating, drinking, and personal grooming in class.

    5. Listen, pay attention and follow directions.



           (1) Warning    

          (2) Student/Teacher conference     

          (3) Parent notified 

          (4) Referral to Counselor

          (5) Referral to Assistant Principal


     Grading Procedures:

    Daily Assignments – 50%

    Class Participation* – 25%

    Tests and Quizzes - 25%


    At the end of each lesson students will be assessed by a quiz and a test at the end of each chapter.

    Students will be administered Benchmarks exams to track student progress. 


     **Participation includes being prepared for class; participate in discussions, and follow classroom and school rules