• English   introduces  students   to   the   major   genres, themes, and   approaches   that   they   will   encounter           throughout        high       school language arts. Activities,     assignments, and   thematic units                will          encourage  students to make meaningful connections and to extend understanding  beyond  the text.They  will read  short  stories, essays, novels, dramas,and nonfiction that encourages them  to  look  at  the  world  from multiple  perspectives. Students  will      improve  their  writing, reading, speaking, listening, and study skills. Students   who  are struggling will  utilize the Language! curriculum  which  focuses on integrating step by step lesson plans from the range of literacy to English language skills.
    Reading introduces students to the major genres , themes, and approaches that they will encounter throughout high school.Students will understand and use different skills and strategies to read for a variety of purposes.