The History of Young Scholars

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    Young Scholars history is central to who we are. Known for its "family-centered, entrepreneurial spirit-driven" approach to early care and education, husband and wife, father and mother, Kenneth and Anella Coleman established Young Scholars May 15, 1996.

    Desiring to meet the needs of families in and around the downtown Houston area, Young Scholars' mission sought to provide affordable, high quality early care. In 1996, Young Scholars was one of many child development centers in the area. In just a short period of time, Young Scholars accomplished various feats, including a Texas Rising 4-Star facility. Working to raise the awareness of State child care and school readiness challenges, Young Scholars pursued the opportunity to collaborate with the local school district. Young Scholars became the model for blending child care and school.                                                                                  

    Through its collaboration with the Houston Independent School District (H.I.S.D), Young Scholars Academy Child Development Center established Young Scholars Academy for Excellence, Inc., a Child Development Center and Houston Independent School District Charter School. Successfully bridging the education for children in child care, blending funding stream gaps to increase teacher quality in child care and increasing opportunities for professional development, Young Scholars established like models between (H.I.S.D) and child care centers around the city. Today, models exist, promoting school readiness and the positive outcomes on early education.


    Young Scholars has been featured in various news mediums for its innovations in early care and education. Recently, Young Scholars was awarded a grant to employ 14 and 15 year-olds. The project Empowering Young Entrepreneurs focused on entrepreneurship exploration, social responsibility and work readiness. The success of this the project has become our driving force for change.


    Get ready for another early care and education transformation for youth!!