• SHS Dress Code

    2022 - 2023 Dress Code Standards 

    This code establishes the minimum standard of dress. Students should be dressed in such a manner that their appearance in the school contributes to the learning process rather that interrupts the learning process. Students are expected to follow the dress code. Students in violation of the dress code will be expected to self-correct. As we plan for the new school year, the students MUST adhere to the following for student safety and school uniformity:

    • School I.D. should be visible at all times.
    • Students may not wear see-through clothing, t-shirts tied that expose flesh in the front or back, crop tops, tube tops, or spaghetti straps.
    • Students may not wear pajamas or other night clothing items unless a pajama fun day has been announced by the administration.
    • Shorts or dresses worn may not be above the thigh.
    • Jeans may not have holes, rips, or tears above the thigh.
    • Pants cannot sag…underwear must not be seen.
    • No sheer leggings. Leggings must be worn with top that covers midriff.
    • Inappropriate clothes for school will not be acceptable, e. g., “catsuits” or night club attire.
    • No items referencing alcohol, drugs, sex, guns/violence., hate/discrimination, or vulgar language is permitted. Non-religious headwear (hats, wave caps, du-rags, bonnets, etc.) or sunglasses are not allowed to be worn inside building.

    These standards are designed to improve the educational culture and climate of our school while providing a safe environment for students and staff.