1.  Effective Teaching:  Adults  teach and students  learn.

                    We believe that placing an effective teacher in every classroom that is prepared to teach is critical to academic achievement.  Effective teachers monitor constantly, bring excitement to the classroom, and use data to drive instruction.  The effectiveness of the teacher is measured by student performance and classroom climate.

    2.  High Student Engagement: Adults facilitate and students participate

                    We believe that engaging students in rigorous and relevant work is imperative for student success.  Engagement involves rich student discussions, student-centered learning, extended day opportunities, and reaching mastery in all core subject areas.  High student engagement is measured by student products that demonstrate the application of the learning through a variety of modalities.

    3.  Community Oriented: Adults light and pass the torch and students carry the torch

    We believe that a community oriented school builds a sense of belonging and pride.  When students develop strong character, they are equipped to handle not only the intellectual demands that they will face, but the real-world challenges as well.  Good character is measured by a positive culture in which everyone demonstrates respect, caring, and accountability.