Ms. Santillan

     Grades Taught: Pre-K
     Bilingual Teacher
    Email:SSANTILL @houstonisd.org
    Phone: 713-924-0350
    Confrence Time:8:15-9:00AM 
    I've been a teacher for decades! Really, I have been teaching for over 40 years. 
    I'm from Monterrey, Mexico and started teaching at my Alma Mater in 1972.  A little after, my literature teacher, Ms. Abiel Mascarenas, founded his own school and asked me to work along with other teachers to bring a different type of learning to young children.  I began teaching Pre-K in August of 1973.  The only year I did not teach was in 1980 when I had my only son, Jonathan. 
    Teaching has brought me great satisfactions, with students, parents and colleagues.  This is a world where you may find joy, tears, encouragement, laughter, disagreement, and many more emotions, but something that always stays there, with me, is the gladness of knowing that you have seen happy faces in your students, grateful hugs from parents, and lasting memories with colleagues.  Teaching is great and I'm still loving it!