AA Milne Bears Basketball Program
    Bears Basketball


    The involvement of our students in athletics contributes to their physical development and their social/emotional growth of our values system- PRIDE. Through our basketball program, we also work to instill trustworthiness, citizenship, caring, and fairness. These values lay the foundation for future successful student athletes. With these principles, Our AA Milne Bears Basketball Team competes in the annual Houston ISD Kate Bell Elementary Basketball League.

    More about Coach Fontenot:

    Coach Fontenot has been connected to basketball as a player and coach for many years, 18 of those being in the field of education. He served as the Head Basketball Coach for 8th graders in Dallas ISD prior to relocating to the Houston area. Coach Fontenot enjoys seeing our players develop their confidence, athleticism and leadership skills. He makes sure that the AA Milne Bears Basketball players achieve academically, and that they are able to create plays, have fun, and participate in a positive, team oriented environment. Feel free to reach out to Coach Fontenot to learn more about the AA Milne Bears Basketball program at Barry.Fontenot@houstonisd.org.