Fine Arts

  • Crockett is gifted with an outstanding Fine Arts Program.
    Crockett believes that through music, rhythmic dancing, ballet and visual art, students can develop a positive self-concept that translates into classroom success in reading, math and the other content areas.
    The program provides opportunities for all students to learn to play the flute, violin (Classic and Mariachi), piano, cello, percussion and bells. Musicians from the renowned Houston Symphony have mentored Crockett students on a regular basis. Crockett Elementary students’ musical abilities are well known throughout the HISD area because they have performed at many social and civic functions. Students are taught how to play musical instruments starting at age three. The piano lab is equipped with several pianos and keyboards. Free music instruction is offered both during school and after school.
    Houston Symphony Logo There is a choir for children interested in singing. Dance classes for all grades are conducted regularly. Students participating in the Visual Art program have won several contests at the National and Regional Levels. Crockett Elementary Orchestra won the HISD interschool music StringFest competing against many other schools with Magnet Programs in Music, in May 2008.