• The YMCA Child Care


    In YMCA After School Care, kids engage in physical, learning and imaginative activities that encourage them to explore who they are and what they can achieve. In addition to supplementing what they have learned in school, they participate in interactive learning models that engage critical thinking skills, are provided 30 minutes each day to work on their homework from trained YMCA staff, have a chance to socialize with each other and form long-lasting friendships that enhance their development, growth and self-confidence. School age kids also have the opportunity to participate in STEAM activities (science, technology, engineering, arts, math), a variety of literacy activities and HEPA activities (healthy eating, physical activities).

      • Who can participate?

        Any student from PK to 5th grade by the parent simply completing an application and submitting required documentation.

        When does the YMCA Child Care program operate? 

        Monday - Friday
        After School: School Dismissal - 6:00
    • Is there a cost?

      Facility Member $ 
      Monthly fee of $
    • Who do I contact for additional information?

      Cassaboom Family YMCA 
      7903 S. Loop East
      Houston, TX 77012