Gifted and Talented Education


    Memorial Education proudly provides a Gifted and Talented (G/T) Neighborhood Program. This program provides G/T services for all HISD G/T-identified students at Memorial.

    All G/T students receive instruction daily by a G/T-trained teacher. G/T training begins with a minimum of thirty clock hours of professional development that includes “Nature and Needs of Gifted/Talented Students”, identification and assessment of gifted/talented students’ needs, and curriculum and instruction for gifted/talented students. After completing the initial 30-hours G/T foundation training, teachers must receive a minimum of six hours annually of professional development in gifted/talented education.

    The G/T-trained teacher provides an array of appropriately challenging learning experiences in each of the four foundation curricular areas (English Language Arts/Reading, Math, Science, Social Studies). Memorial Elementary provides G/T-identified students with a continuum of learning experiences that result in the development of advanced level products and/or performances that are targeted to an audience outside the classroom. These products are shared at the school’s annual G/T Expo. Memorial provides G/T-identified students with opportunities for acceleration in areas of student strengths.