• Members:

    Ms. E. Silerio


    Teacher Members:

    Ms. A. Martinez


    Ms. B. Tetrault


    Ms. De Vera


    Mr. Holton


    Ms. Mendoza


    Ms. Torres


    Special Education:

    Ms. Irasema Sanchez 


    Parent Members:
    Lorena Lara Virginia Sanchez
    Community Members:
    Gregorio Cabrera Erica Alanis
    Professional Members:
    Ms. Rubio Ms. Moore
    Ms. Barrientos  
    Business Representative:
    Mirella Rodriguez

    Meeting Agenda & Minutes

    February 13, 2020 



      I.         Introductions 
     II.         Enrollment 
                  a.         As of Snapshot - 856, Current 839
                  b.         Attendance: Goal 98.9, Current 98.1

    III.        Instruction 
                  a.         Increase Meets/Masters (SIP Goals)
                  b.         Targeted Tutorials
    IV.         Potential 2020 -2021 Staff Needs 
                  a.         Assistant Principal 
                  b.         Technology 
                  c.         Ancillary Fine Arts Music 

    V.         Safety and Security 
                  a. Passed Intruder drill 


    VI.        Questions / Concerns




     Minutes 02.13.20



    I.   Introductions: 

      a.  Discussed each members tenure on SDMC and what they wanted to achieve in the future for our school.


    II. Enrollment:

      a.  Ms. Silerio discussed the enrollment figures for this school year.  As of Snapshot date we had 856 students of record.  Currently there are 839 students attedning our campus.  

      b.   Our Attendance rate is currently at 98.1% and our SIP Goal is set at 98.9% 

    We need to encourage sour students and parents to be in school as often as possible to achieve our goal and improve student learning.


    III.   Instruction:

      a.   Ms. Silerio lead a discussion of our SIP goals for meets and masters on the STAAR test scores.  We need to be aware of our students needs and how best to get the learning in line with our set goals. 

      b.   Targeted tutorials are key to helping students achieve these goals.  We want to keep the number of students small to achieve these targeted goals and help students achieve maximum performance.

    IV.   Staff Needs

     a.Potetial 2021 staff needs were discussed.  We felt that an Assistant Principal would be helpful in meeting our academic goals for all students. 

     b. Talked about options for an Ancillary teacher and discussed hiring a Music teacher for the next school year to replace the current Math Lab class.

     c. Discussed the need to hire a full time Technology Support person to replace the Customer Service Representative that left his last year.


    V.  Safety and Security 

         a.   School passed our Intruder drill and we must remain vigilant to any strangers or unbadged people on our campus.


    VI.  Questions or Concerns 

      a. None mentioned, we adjourned the meeting for Math night


    Minutes 5.07.2020