Breakfast, Lunch, & Restroom Procedures


Lunch and Restrooms Procedures


Breakfast is free for all students. All students will participate in the Breakfast in the Classroom program. Students may purchase their lunch at school or bring a lunch from home. Those who bring lunch may purchase milk or a-la-carte items. Glass bottles and canned carbonated drinks are not allowed at school. 


Children from families whose income meets established guidelines will qualify for free or reduced priced meals. Applications and guidelines for this program are available in the office.

If achild forgetshis/her breakfast and/or lunch money or lunch

a.  Students will be served peanut butter and jelly sandwich with milk.

b.  The parent may bring the forgotten lunch or money to the office, and it will be given to the child.  HISD lunch menus are sent home monthly.


Effective August 1, 2004, elementary school campuses may not serve or provide access for students to FMNV and all other forms of candy anywhere on school premises until the end of the last scheduled class.

Such foods and beverages may not be sold or given away to students on school premises by school administrators or staff, student or student groups, parents or parent groups, or any other person, company, or organization.

This law was mandated by the Texas Department of Agriculture (TDA). TDA will aggressively enforce and diligently monitor the Texas School Nutrition Policy to ensure compliance.


All elementary teachers are strongly encouraged to eat with their students the week day of school. All teachers are expected to review cafeteria table manners and rules during the first week of school.

·        Enter the cafeteria with lunch card on lanyard

·        Enter and exit the cafeteria in a quiet, orderly fashion.

·        Sit at table and use soft voices.

·        Clean up after yourself.

·        Keep hands and feet to yourself.

·        Respect all adults and peers.

·        Remember table manners.

·        Do not share food, drink, or money with anyone.

·        Cafeteria food or snacks must not be removed from the cafeteria.

·        Sit at your assigned table.

·        Additional items cannot be purchased once you are seated at your table.



Please escort your students to the restroom and stay with them during this time. Each class will have an assigned restroom time. Assign a restroom monitor to see that the desired conduct is exhibited at all times while in the restroom. EACH TEACHER IS TO CHECK BOTH RESTROOMS BEFORE AND AFTER HIS/HER CLASS LEAVES. Explain to students the importance of going to the restroom during the assigned time, students will not be allowed to use the restroom during instructional time. . 

Students are to use proper restroom manners at all times.

a.       Always flush the toilets.

b.      Keep the restroom clean at all times.

c.       Put all trash in the trash can.

d.      Report all vandalism to an adult.