•  Smart Goals

    2014-2015 Smart Goals

    Anderson regulary looks at data to determine the specific needs of our student population. We use this data to establish goals for our teachers and students. We refer to these goals as Smart Goals. Based upon these goals, decisions are made on the implementation of resources and programs needed for the success of our students. Our SMART GOALS for the 2014 - 2015 school year are:

    The STAAR Reading percentage for 3rd-5th grade students will increase from 80% to 85%.
    The STAAR Math percentage for 3rd grade students will increase from 69% to 74%.
    The attendance rate at Anderson will increase from 96.6% to 97% as reported in PIEMS.
    Students' perception of the School being bully free will increase from 43% to 53% as measured by The Voice Survey in May 2015.
    Parent participation rate in school events will increase from 70% to 75% as measured by sign in sheets and VIPS sign in records.

    Based upon these SMART GOALS, Anderson employs a number of programs to meet the needs of our diverse population and different student learning modalities.  We provide a number of different learning opportunities, including competitions, social clubs and organizations, community partnerships, parent involvement opportunities, as well as programs designed to meet the needs of individual students who desire to pursue personal skills and talents. Some of the school initiatives are outlined below.

    After school Intervention Academy

    In keeping with our SMART GOALS, Anderson initiated an After School Intervention Academy to support the needs of targeted groups in grades 1 and 3. Beginning in the spring semester, this initative will be inclusive of 3rd - 5th grade students needing intervention.