Other Resources

  • Hourly Lecturers
    Anderson uses hourly lecturers to work with individual students to enhance their learning through a more intensive and individualized program based on the needs of  specific children. The lecturer helps students to increase their skills in any core subject area, as it relates to:
    • organization
    • homework
    • study skills
    • critical thinking
    • problems solving
    • listening
    • confidence building
    The Renzulli Learning System is the culmination of years of research, that provides  student-centered, personalized, project-centered and uplifting pedagogy. A student completes a detailed online questionnaire that allows the Renzulli software to generate a personal profile of each student’s top interests, learning styles, and expression styles, making it easier for teachers to get to know their students and effectively differentiate instruction.
    Margaret Kilgo

    Margaret Kilgo presents a research-based overview of the relationship between the state curriculum, the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) and Student Expectations (SEs), and the State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness (STAAR) and End-of-Course (EOC) tests in Reading, Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies, Grades K-12.  Kilgo covers the components that are critical for effectively teaching and assessing the TEKS/SEs to the depth and complexity of the STAAR/EOC/TAKS. The focus of these sessions is on teaching and assessing the curriculum, not on teaching to the test.

     Neuhaus Education Center is a non-profit educational foundation dedicated to the prevention of reading failure. Neuhaus provides research-based training and support to educators, supplies information and resources to families, and offers direct services to adult learners. Its staff includes licensed dyslexia therapists, authors of research papers in peer-reviewed journals and textbook chapters on effective reading instruction, and board members of international organizations that promote scientifically-based reading instruction. Its services are offered in a variety of ways, including mentoring, individual instruction, online programming, and on-site courses.
    Every Day Counts

    Every Day Counts® Calendar Math provides lessons and activities to preview, review, practice, and discuss critical math concepts and skills, build math understanding, and raise test scores in a few minutes each day.

     lead4ward is a program implemented to help the Academic community with the implementation of the newly established STAAR state examinations. The STAAR Field Guide for Leaders is designed to support campus (and district) leaders as they navigate the course to a new state assessment - STAAR (State of Texas Assessment of Academic Readiness). This new assessment represents a positive change in the state in terms of the alignment of curriculum, instruction, and assessement - a change which will require substantial instructional leadership from campus principals and other campus and district leaders. The guide is designed to help leaders transform the learning process by monitoring their learning, developing teachers, and applying data in new ways.

    Focus Areas

    • Learning – about the changes (what is known and what is anticipated)
    • Energizing – educators to embrace the challenges of the new requirements
    • Acting – in ways that support the systems and structures necessary to achieve success
    • Developing – tools, strategies and plans to coordinate instruction, curriculum, assessment and accountability
    Problem Solving Journals/ Boards
    Throughout HISD, math classes are using “problem-solving boards” to help children learn new strategies for solving math problems. Using pictures, words, and symbols, students work with a graphic organizer to understand the problem, make a plan, and evaluate the solution. HISD’s Elementary Math Manager, Lance Menster, called the tool a “systematic approach, which encourages and expects students to use strategies to solve problems.”
    Backpack Buddy Program

    Your child and his/her nutrition and education are a priority at Anderson Elementary Dual Language School.  We want to make sure your child has the tools necessary to succeed in the classroom.  This is why we have a program called the Backpack Buddy Club. 

    Since food and nutrition are so closely linked with the ability to learn, we want to make sure students have nutritious meals over the weekend so they are ready to learn when they arrive at school on Monday.  For this reason, the Backpack Buddy Club was created.  This program provides participating students with a small bag of food each Friday afternoon that is placed in their backpack. There is no cost for the participant’s family for the food.  Along with the food, your child will be provided with educational handouts in regards to nutrition and social service programs.  Please look over these handouts with your child. 

    Please feel free to call the school at 713-726-3600 with any questions.
    University of Houston Logo University of Houston Program
    During the 2012 -2013 school year, the Houston Independent School District will continue to work with a team of researchers from the University of Houston on a research study designed to improve the reading of fourth grade students at Anderson Elementary Dual Language School.  The benefit of this program is that additional reading instruction will be provided free of charge to students. This study will help students become better readers.