• Golfcrest Elementary is an urban school that services 480 prekindergarten through fifth grade students. It is located at 7414 Fairway Drive, Houston, Texas, 77087. It is a school-wide Title One Campus.

    The student population is comprised of 95.25% Hispanic, 3.93% African-American, 0.26 Other, 0.49% White, 0.16% American Indian - Alaskan Native and 0.16% Two-or-More races. The special populations served are: 98% Economically Disadvantaged, 75% At-risk, 62% English Language Learners, 9.4% Special Education, and 5.4% Gifted and Talented. The mobility rate of the campus is 16.58%. Average daily attendance rate is 91.8%. "


  • Golfcrest Mission Statement: 

     At Golfcrest Elementary School, we believe that all children can and will learn. We will maintain high expectations, provide effective rigorous instruction, and create a supportive school environment in which all stakeholders feel welcomed, respected, trusted, and safe on a daily basis  ensuring that all children will be successful and grow into productive citizens and life-long learners.
    Golfcrest Vision Statement: 
    We will achieve our mission by providing  students with a welcoming, happy, safe, and supportive learning environment in which everyone is equal, and all achievements are celebrated. We will improve the academic outcomes of students through high-impact first instruction and timely addressing all student needs through effective and systematic guided reading and guided math small group instruction..