Nathaniel Q. Henderson School Motto, Mission and Vision

     Student Mission
    School Motto:

    -      Every Student– Every Need – No Exceptions

    Our Mission Statement:

    -       At Nathanial Q. Henderson Elementary School we believe that student education is our leading priority and that all scholars can learn to their individual potential.  Daily, scholars will be engaged in academic activities that promote critical thinking, technology expertise, and college and career readiness.  Our continuous commitment to improvement ensures that our scholars are well-rounded, self-directed, and lifelong learners.  By maintaining a safe and optimum learning environment, we provide the opportunity for students to be successful. Promoting high standards and expectations, all stakeholders (students, parents, teachers, administrators, and community members) share the responsibility for advancing our mission.

    Our Vision:

    -      Every Nathaniel Q. Henderson scholar will achieve academic success and become a globally productive and responsible citizen within the immediate 5th Ward Community and broader international environment. 

     Core Values: 
    • Safety Above All Else—Safety takes precedence over all else. A safe environment will be provided for every student.
    • Student Learning Is the Main Thing—All decisions and actions, at any level, focus on and support “the main thing”: effective student learning.
    • Parents Are Partners—Parents are valued partners in the educational process, serving as the child’s teacher in the home.
    • Common Decency—Our school is responsive and accountable to the public.  Students, parents, and community members shall receive respectful and courteous treatment.