Home of the Mighty Owls
    Mission Statement

    We are a team of dedicated teachers and leaders, working in a high performance and caring culture, implements wholescale reform of the education system based on different design principles.  We will maintain an intense focus on high quality instruction and also provide students with experiences to broaden perspective and support the growth of Year 2035 competencies.  Osborne Elementary holds high expectations for students and staff and believes that everyone can create their future.

     Vision Statement

    As a cohesive team of devoted educators and leaders, operating within a dynamic culture that values both excellence and compassion, our mission involves instituting a comprehensive overhaul of the education system. This transformation will be guided by a set of distinct design principles, each carefully chosen to drive innovation. Our unwavering commitment remains centered on delivering top-tier instruction, fostering an environment abundant in insightful data, and furnishing students with opportunities that expand horizons while nurturing the development of the competencies crucial for the Year 2035.


    At Osborne Elementary, we set the bar high for both our students and staff. We firmly believe that by fostering a growth mindset, everyone has the power to shape their own future. Our commitment to fostering a nurturing and intellectually stimulating environment underscores our dedication to this cause.


    With a resolute dedication to these values, we embark on this journey of education transformation, confident in our ability to cultivate a brighter future for our students and contribute positively to the broader educational landscape.

    Our 2023-2024 School Theme

    Non-Stop Educating of Successful Achievers (NESA)



    Our 2023-2024 CORE Values

    A high performing culture is based on core values.  Core values undergird the culture and priorities.  They are not only statements of what we believe or value, but they guide actual behavior and the prioritization of decisions and actions.   When competing interests suggest different courses of action, it is the adherence to our core vales that should weigh heavily in the final decision.

    • Core Value #1: All students can learn and reach his or her potential.
    • Core Value #2: Effective teachers make the most difference in the student academic performance.
    • Core Value #3:  For every child to succeed, we must hold students and ourselves to high expectations.
    • Core Value #4:  We value parent engagement and community support.
    • Core Value #5:  We rely on clearly defined outcomes to guide our work and to which we hold ourselves accountable.
    • Core Value #6:  We value equity and commit to reducing inequities in inherent in the education system.
    School Mascot
    The school mascot is the 'Mighty Owl'.

    School Colors
     The school colors are 'Green and Gold'.
    About Us
    Osborne Elementary School is located in north Houston at 800 Ringold Street. It was constructed in 1961 to relieve overcrowded conditions at Wesley Elementary. It stands proudly on 5.9 acres of land in a historical residential area known as Acres Homes. Osborne is honored to have a legacy of producing citizens such as lawyers, doctors, educators and numerous other professionals that make a positive contribution to our community. It is named for John G. Osborne, the renowned educator and philanthropist. John F. Kennedy Elementary is located in the North Region of the Houston Independent School District in Houston, Texas.
    John G. Osborne Elementary is one of seven elementary schools that make up the Booker T. Washington High School Feeder Pattern. Like the other six elementary schools in the feeder pattern, Osborne is a School-Wide Title I school. Osborne serves students in grades pre-kindergarten through fifth grade with the pre-kindergarten students attending full-day. Osborne Elementary offers a variety of programs including, Neighborhood Gifted and Talented, Dance, Life Skills, Cheerleading, Drum Line, Jewels, AIM High, and Inclusion for resource students. In addition to these programs, Osborne offers Bilingual Education in pre-kindergarten through first grade.
    The Osborne Family believes that 'It Takes Teamwork' to insure a quality education for all students.