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                          Wraparound Services / Overview

    What are Wraparound Services?

    • Wraparound Services is a newly created initiative by the Houston Independent School District aimed to address the critical needs of the students and the community in which they reside.

      Our goal is to help create the conditions that lead to improved student learning, stronger families and healthier communities, by assessing and resolving those issues that could hinder our students’ academic success and social growth, in a timely, culturally sensitive manner.

      We accomplish this by:

      • Bringing services to the school. Those services can be in-school counseling, mentoring programs, Substance Abuse Prevention Education, Character Education, guest speakers to address issues like bullying, cyber-bullying, cyber-safety, substance abuse prevention, anger management, conflict resolution, support groups, etc.
      • When services can not be brought to the school, we will search for services in the community and refer out our students and families. Health and social services, counseling services, youth and community development, legal services, financial coaching for the family, etc.
      • We connect our school with the community. We want to become a community school. A community school is both a place and a set of partnerships between the school and other community resources. The school becomes a hub, bringing together many partners to offer a range of supports and opportunities to children, youth, families and communities.

    Wraparound Services Framework

    WS Framework