Leadership and Support Staff Directory

Virtual Contacts

First Name Last Name Email Title Content Area
Jacqueline Thompson JThomps2@houstonisd.org Principal
James Ferguson James.Ferguson@houstonisd.org Dean of Students 8th Grade Science and Special Education
Donica Arnold-Brown Donica.Arnoldbrown@houstonisd.org Dean of Students 7th Grade English and ESL
Nora Lemon NLemon@houstonisd.org Instructional Specialist 6th Grade
Quinton Chapman QChapman@houstonisd.org Teacher Specialist Electives
Dillard Tyson TDillard@houstonisd.org Teacher Specialist Math
Rhoneika Olison Rhoneika.Olison@houstonisd.org Counselor Math
Rhonda Murchison RMurchis@houstonisd.org School Secretary
Carrie Williams Carrie.Williams@houstonisd.org Teacher Specialist Reading Specialist / ESL