• Cullen Military Academy



    MISSION: Our mission is to equip middle school students with personal leadership skills and academic rigor to lay the foundation for becoming civic-minded, disciplined leaders committed to excellence and service.

    VISION: The Cullen Military Academy aims to be the leadership incubator for Houston youth, empowering students to become responsible citizens and highly competent leaders by instilling core values through character mentoring, academic enrichment, and opportunities to serve their local community. 

    CREED: I stand with pride, my word, my bond, my actions honorable. I honor my fellow cadets, instructors, and all whom I encounter.I conquer challenges with focus, perseverance, and unwavering spirit. I seek understanding, embracing learning as a lifelong journey.I step forward with courage, serving with integrity and inspiring others. I dedicate myself to my community, nation, and the world. We stand united, a force for good, bound by trust and shared purpose.