• About Our School:

    The original building (the main office, current library,  and rooms 11 through possibly 17) were built in 1926 and opened to serve the neighborhood in 1927.  Eliot served elementary through middle school students at the time.


    The addition of the rooms 9, 10, 18, and 19 and the restrooms on that wing were completed in the early 1960’s.  The fourth and fifth grade wing was added around the same time, too. The current library served as the cafeteria and the present computer lab was the kitchen.


    In the early 1970’s the two-story building was built.  Originally a covered pavillion that had bathrooms downstairs and classrooms upstairs, it was later in that decade that the downstairs was also enclosed to provide more classrooms to help with overcrowding. Temporary buildings were set up where the Pre-K playgrounds are now, as was a covered walkway out to temporary buildings behind rooms 1-8 (in what is now the field).  These temporary arrangements helped Eliot serve all students when enrollment topped 1,100 in the 1980’s.


     In 1986 the new cafeteria building was built to provide a larger cafetera and more modern kitchen and to house Early Childhood programs. Enrollment no longer dictated the need for temporary buildings and they were removed. 


    In 1992 we had an enrollment of 902 students and housed 4 classrooms of Head Start. The Pre-K playground, between the Pre-K wing and the two-story building, was stocked primarily with Head Start equipment. Around 1996 Head Start left Eliot Elementary as our Pre-K and Kindergarten enrollment had increased significantly.  During the 2004-2005 school year we were part of the HISD Rebuild Bond and the entire campuswas scheduled for renovations. 

    Construction followed in 2006-2007 and Eliot Elementary staff and students were once again housed in temporary buildings out on the field for the classrooms that were under construction. The cafeteria building was completed over the summer. Eliot Elementary received new flooring, new plumbing, new paint, new HVAC systems, new cabinets and storage units,  internet and cable lines were replaced, and the drive through at the back by the two-story building was added.