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    Course: ENGLISH I

    Description: English I focus is on reading comprehension, writing skills, and vocabulary to provide experiences to enhance higher level thinking skills. The process of writing is emphasized with correct grammar mechanics and usage taught in the editing phase of the writing process. Students are given the opportunity to write for a variety of purposes. Vocabulary study is correlated with reading and writing assignments.

    Credit: 1 Grade Placement: 9


    Course: ENGLISH II

    Description: English II incorporates the study of literature, writing, vocabulary, and grammar to strengthen student reading, writing, and higher level thinking skills. Students will read and discuss a variety of literary works from the following genres: short story, non-fiction, drama, novel, and poetry. Students will plan, organize, create, and edit a wide variety of writing assignments including essays, open-ended response questions, daily assignments, major projects, and a research paper.

    Credit: 1 Grade Placement: 10 Prerequisite: English I


    Course: ENGLISH III

    Description: English III focuses on higher order thinking skills in the process of reading and writing and the study of American literature, which provides models and ideas for writing as well as insight into the American Experience. Grammar and SAT vocabulary study, research, and test-taking skills are stressed.

    Credit: 1 Grade Placement: 11 Prerequisite: English II


    Course: ENGLISH IV

    Description: English IV provides an overview of British and World literature with an emphasis on recurring themes. Writing assignments focus on literary analysis, personal narrative, and exposition. Vocabulary study and grammar review are incorporated into the reading and writing assignments.

    Credit: 1 Grade Placement: 12 Prerequisite: English III


    Course Offering Availability Subject to Student Enrollment and Staffing Levels



    Description: Creative Writing is designed for students wanting to write for publication. Structured around the various modes of writing, this workshop course presents models for writing, then allows writers time for independent work on projects. Peer and teachers provide support and guidance to produce quality writing.

    Credit: 0.5 Grade Placement: 9-12


    Course: JOURNALISM I

    Description: Journalism I covers concepts of how to write, design, and produce a newspaper and yearbook. Students will learn the history of journalism and the responsibilities and legalities of the press. Specialized writing assignments for both newspaper and yearbook will be taught. Basic use of journalism computer software will be taught as well. The course is designed specifically to prepare the student to become a member of the newspaper or yearbook Credit: 1 Grade Placement: 9-12



    Description: Journalism II Newspaper Production concentrates on the publication of the school newspaper. Emphasis is placed on students improving skills learned in Journalism I; plus designing, advertising, editing, and producing a professional level publication every four to six weeks.

    Credit: 1 Grade Placement 10-12



    Description: Journalism II Yearbook Production concentrates on the publication of the yearbook. Emphasis is placed on improving skills learned in Journalism I while actually producing the publication. Specialized writing and layouts will be assigned with emphasis placed on meeting deadlines required to get the publication finished on time.

    Credit: 1 Grade Placement 10-12



    Description: Photojournalism is designed to instruct students in camera operation, film development, and print development. Pictures will be designed for use in journalistic areas. Pictures may be used in the student newspaper and yearbook. Techniques of illustration and composition will be stressed.

    Credit: 0.5 Grade Placement: 9-12


    Course: DEBATE I - III

    Description: Debate focuses on using debating in communication and for competitive purposes and involves research, encompasses the Houston Urban Debate League curriculum and modified debating formats. Students are encouraged to compete in tournaments. Students who enroll in Debate II and III will be in class with Debate I students.

    Credit: 1 Grade Placement: 10-12 Prerequisite: Debate I for Debate II; Debate II for Debate III



    Description: Communication Applications focuses on public speaking and its fundamentals. Students will prepare various types of speeches, oral interpretations, and some debates. This course requires some research and speaking before audiences. This is a required course for graduation.

    Credit: 0.5 Grade Placement:  9-12



    Description: ELA/Reading Comprehension is strengthened with this course.  Students apply strategies; expand vocabulary skills; develop writing skills in responses to the culturally diverse texts read.  It is an elective state credit.

    Credit: 0.5 Grade Placement: 9-12