All schools need a little extra money and a way to serve their community, and Eliot Elementary School is no different.  We participate in several programs that are easy on the students and their parents.

          Box Tops for Education - These can be found on many different grocery items.  Simply cut the coupon certificate (please make sure it is intact) and send to school with your child.

          Labels for Education - These can also be found on many different grocery items. Simply cut the coupon certificate (please make sure it is intact) and send to school with your child.

          Pop Tops - As a community service, Eliot collects the aluminium pop tops from soda cans for the Ronald McDonald House.  Ronald McDonald House uses the proceeds to help pay for their electric bills so parents of children with cancer can stay nearby during their hospital stays.

    Servingthe Denver Harbor community since 1928, Eliot Elementary school is an exemplaryschool where kids learn and excel, we achieve excellent results throughcontinuous improvement. We have talented, highly qualified, and certifiedteachers.


    AtEliot Elementary School we are passionate in our zeal to teach children.  All our staff members feel a personalresponsibility to help all children realize their full potential via academics,extra-curricular activities, and fine arts. We provide a high quality educationand strive to prepare our students to become college-bound and life-long learners.


    We arethrilled to see that our students are scoring higher. Eliot Elementary has astrong Gifted and Talented program with the most identified Gifted and Talentedstudents from around the neighborhood. In 2009 - 2010 we became an Exemplaryschool and are particularly excited to share that we received a GoldAchievement Award in Math and Science. Our progress is tremendous; ourcommended performance percentage is high which means that we are preparing ourstudents to become college- and career-ready.


    Regularparent / teacher conferences are held to keep parents informed of their child’sprogress, successes, and needs.  Inaddition, Eliot Elementary School holds regular parent meetings as well asparenting classes in English and Spanish to better serve the needs of ourstudents and their families.


    Ourteachers, staff, and administration are committed to working with parents,community leaders, and students to ensure the success of all.