• History

    In 1964 William Pettus Hobby Elementary School opened its doors to 750 students. The school was built for only 750 students in grades Kindergarten through sixth.

    Hobby Elementary was named for our former Governor, William (Bill) Pettus Hobby. Then Lieutenant Governor, Bill Hobby, Jr., was present at the dedication ceremony.

    Mrs. Alma Kelso was the first Principal at Hobby Elementary. She brought along with her several teachers. During Mrs. Kelso's administration, Hobby's enrollment peaked at 1,200 students. In 1978, Mrs. Kelso retired. Mr. James S. Thomas, who served as Assistant Principal at Hobby for three years, was later named Principal. Mr. Thomas served as Principal for ten years.

    At the beginning of the 1988-89 school year, Hobby received its third   Principal, Mrs. Ray De Lois Williams. Under her leadership tremendous changes have occurred. A nationally recognized six figure Title I  Program has been established and enrollment has steadily increased. The once single building campus now houses the main building and a total of twelve (12) portable buildings with 24 additional classrooms.

    Mrs. Williams served as Principal for the next ten years retiring in 1998. The school established a tradition of student excellence throughout her leadership.   Her Assistant Principal, Robert M. Dean, was selected to replace her as Instructional Leader/Chief Executive Officer beginning the 1999-2000 school year.

    Hobby has had a colorful and rich existence for the past 35 years. Its principals, teachers, students, parents and community people have made outstanding contributions to the educational, culture and social welfare of the Houston Community, the state of Texas and indeed the nation.

    William Pettus Hobby Elementary School

    The Principalship Legacy:

    Mrs. Alma A. Kelso1965
    Mr. James S. Thomas1978
    Mrs. Ray D. Williams 1988
    Mr. Robert M. Dean 1999-2000
    Ms. Carolyn Monroe-Riley
    Mrs. Ivalyn Patterson
    Mr. Stephen Gittens2012
     Mr. Isaac Daniels   2017 present