Ms. Jackson


    Ms. Jackson

    Grades Taught: All
    Subject: Music
    Conference Period: 7:30 - 8:05am
    Phone: 713-535-3780
     Please call during conference period.
    Hello and welcome to the Poe music page!  



  • Poe Raven Masked Singer : Teacher edition

  • Ms. Jackson’s music library

  • Music room escape challenge

  • Star Wars day challenge

  • Poe Ravens sing along

  • Music Lesson with Ms. Jackson- Drumming to Africa by Toto

  • Poe Choir singing Soap and water by Teresa Jennings

  • Quaver Music - You-nique

  • Quaver Music new accounts and information

  • Quaver music has made several of our favorite songs available on YouTube. This is a new playlist with many student favorites like You-Nique and Pumpkin bones

     Favorite Quaver Songs