Ms. Jhaveri, Room 12 

    Art has an important and unique place in the total education, growth and development of children.  All pupils, to different degrees and in different ways, have creative ability which can be encouraged and developed at school.  All students at Poe Elementary have the opportunity to think, act and feel creatively with visual arts materials.  Proper guidance leads children to become more independent, critical and resourceful in their reasoning.  The development of these skills translates to their academic performance.


    Ms. Parker, Room T-44 

    In dance class, students learn fundamental dance techniques that allow them to move rhythmically with confidence and skill. Class participation provides all students with opportunities t

    • Discover special awareness and self-expression through creative movement
    • Learn the basic elements and the cultural diversity of  a variety of dance forms including jazz, ballet, modern, hip hop and folk dance
    • Develop self-confidence, poise and self-esteem by preparing for and participating in special performances
    • Create an appreciation for the art of dance as a future performer and/or audience member



    Ms. Jackson, Room T-43 

    Music at Poe is based on the Kodàly Philosophy of Music Education.  This process prepares children to be composers, performers, listeners, creative human beings and stewards of their own cultural heritage through critical thinking and music literacy.  This method allows students to learn the technical aspects of music as well as the appreciation of music for pleasure.  Aspects of the music curriculum include:

    • Learning about social interaction in the classroom
    • Building esteem through competence developed in the music classroom.
    • Practice using critical thinking skills.
    • Developing creativity through self expression.
    • Developing motor skills, both large and small, eye hand coordination and listening skills.




    Physical Education

    Coach Hayden, Room 39 

    The objectives of the Physical Education program are to equip students with lifelong skills in fitness and recreation, and to beneficially influence their psychological and social development by exposure to the principles of team work, fair play, and self-discipline. Curriculum includes the fundamentals of individual sports, recreational games, problem-solving cooperative games, some team sports, and fitness conditioning and testing.


    Room 40

    Poe Theatre

    Our theatre class is focused on the many ways we tell stories through performance. Our students focus on elements of a narrative, theatre design and technology, and different physical and vocal techniques. Throughout the years they will write and perform original work, make films, design shows, produce puppet shows, and more. While studying storytelling, our children learn the importance of creativity and collaboration. 
     Poe Players 

     Poe Players is an after-school performance group that focuses on character development, script analysis, devised work, and improvisation. Our young actors hone their performance skills while building an ensemble spirit. Throughout the year, they will be performing both original and published works. Admission is by audition only, and we meet twice a week.

     Scrupulous Wonderful Adaptable Techies (S.W.A.T.)

    S.W.A.T. is an after-school technical theatre and design group that focuses on theatrical design, behind the stage crew, and leadership responsibility. Our students will be designing costumes, sets, and lighting for Evening with the Arts as well as working backstage crews on all Poe Performances. Admission is through application and recommendation only and we meet once a week.