Testing Information

  • School Assistance:

    As soon as a student’s performance indicates that he or she might not be promoted to the next grade level, classroom teachers and/or school/district specialists will take steps to help the student improve. Teachers will communicate with parents regarding student progress and improvement plans. Parents must work with the school to help their children meet promotion standards.
    Family Role
    To help your child meet promotion standards:
    • Ask your child daily about what he/she did in school.
    • Ask about and follow homework study plans.
    • Plan family learning activities to reinforce your child’s learning.
    • Make and use oral or written contracts with your child and his/her teachers.
    • Participate in school events so that your child knows you think school is important.
    • Attend teacher-parent conferences regularly.
    • Be sure that children are in school every day for the full day.
    • Make your child’s medical or dental appointments during non-school hours.
    • Read with your child for at least 30 minutes every night.
    • Be sure that your child regularly gets a full night’s sleep and eats a good breakfast.

    Student Role
    To meet promotion standards, students should:
    • Follow homework study plans.
    • Attend school regularly and be on time.
    • Bring supplies to class and be organized by:
    • Writing down assignments in a notebook.
    • Setting aside homework time each day.
    • Creating a special place at home to put school materials for the next day.
    • Ask questions when they do not understand what is being taught.
    • Ask teachers for extra help and attend after-school/Saturday tutorials, if available.
    • Respect themselves, other students, and school authorities.