• New Beginning
    Neff ELC is located where the former Neff Elementary was located for the last 4 decades. The 2012-2013 year is the first year that we split our campuses to provide a more strategic and enhanced focus that is specifically tailored for our students’ needs.
    At Neff ELC we are committed in educating and working with the youngest students of the Houston Independent School District. Our school is comprised of three grade levels: Pre-kindergarten, kindergarten, and first grade.

    We are dedicated to provide all of our students with a strong literacy foundation, an equally strong balance of mathematics and a diverse offering of fine arts education. Our goal is to establish and plant the seed for the love of reading in all of our students and for them to carry this throughout their academic careers. We are working diligently to ensure that each of our students will graduate from our campus attaining/exceeding the grade level standard for reading comprehension. Simultaneously, students will also receive a balanced approach of mathematical instruction that will help them to achieve success in their future endeavors.  
    Of equal importance, students receive instruction on a variety of fine arts components. At Neff ELC our students learn about drama, dance, music, choir, and visual arts as well as technology and physical education. Throughout the year, our students also have various enrichment off-campus opportunities that help to reinforce and emphasize concepts learned in the classroom.  Examples of these activities include performing in school/district programs, visiting museums, and attending speaker events on special topics.
    Again we hope you will visit us soon and encourage you to become part of our family. At Neff ELC we are proud of creating Readers, Leaders and Artists! 
    Our Mission 
    At Neff Early Learning Center, we as teachers, staff, parents and community members are committed to nurture, educate and empower our students as unique individuals to become future global graduates and responsible citizens. We will provide an inclusive curriculum where each student will have the opportunity to flourish and grow their own individual talents. 
    Our Motto 
    Neff Early Learning Center, where the love of learning begins!