Student Registration Information

  • Registrar: E. Mendez

    Telephone: 713-773-6151    Fax: 713-773-6156


    NOTE: Immunization records MUST BE COMPLETE before registration information can be turned in to the registrar. This includes the TB test with the results entered by the doctor. (All new students to HISD – a skin test is required within 12 months prior to enrollment.)

    1.      Pre-Kindergarten is held during the month of April & June. Call the school for dates.

    2.      Immunization records must be complete before submitting the following information:       

    ·        Birth Certificate - a copy will be made of the original

    ·        Completed Immunization Record - a copy will be made of the original

    ·        Social Security Card - a copy will be made of the original

    ·        Proof Of Residence - electricity bill or telephone bill

    ·        Report Card - last one showing status

    3.      The following forms will be in the registration packet and will need to be filled out completely:

    ·        Enrollment Cards - be sure to complete both sides of both cards (one is for office and one is for the classroom teacher)

    ·        Home Language Survey Sheet

    ·        Health Inventory Sheet

    ·        Rainy Day Emergency Sheet

    ·        Student Information Sheet