Dress Code


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    In order to provide the safest, most orderly learning environment at Walnut Bend School, the following dress code will be strictly enforced.

    All clothing should be properly fitted. Students must arrive on campus in dress code, including shirts tucked in.

    Shirts are to be 2-3 button collared polo with any logo smaller than a quarter.

    •  Shirt colors are solid navy blue only.
    • Undershirts: any shirt (limit one) worn under the school shirt must be white, navy blue, or black.

    Pants and Skirts: solid khaki twill style only. Pants are to be worn between the waistline and hip and should not to be tucked inside shoes/boots.

    • Solid Navy, White or Black (only) Leggings are allowed… absolutely No printed leggings

    • Belts, brown or black, are required if pants have belt loops

    Sweat shirts and Jackets: Colors are Navy Blue or Black.  Any logo must be smaller than a quarter.

    • While hooded sweatshirts/jackets are permitted, wearing the hood inside the building is not.

    Shoes:  All students participate in PE.  Rubber soled, closed heel and toe with laces or Velcro, Scuff-proof shoes, tennis shoes or athletic shoes are strongly encouraged. NO sandals, Crocs, flip-flops, slippers, mules, boots or Heely-type shoes.

    Socks worn with shorts or skirts must be solid white, navy blue, or black.  

    Fridays: Spirit T-shirts will be allowed on Fridays. Students may wear jeans, however, they must fit properly at the waist.  No ripped jeans allowed.