Promotion Standards

  • The Houston Independent School District (HISD) standards for promotion are based on academic achievement, demonstrated achievement on the HISD High Frequency Word Evaluation in grades 1-2 and on the state-administered criterion-referenced assessment in grades 3-8. For high school grade levels, all students must earn 24 credits to graduate, except those students entering the ninth grade in or after 2007–2008, who must earn 26 credits to graduate in the Recommended Program or Distinguished Achievement Program.
    Please note that student attendance may also affect a student's promotion to the next grade level, since Elementary School Guidelines and Secondary School Guidelines define a limit of 10% unexcused absences during the school year. For a student enrolled 180 days, the student would fail with 19 or more unexcused absences.
    For Grades 1-8:  In October 2011, the HISD Board of Trustees voted to suspend promotion requirement B for 2011-2012 since the STAAR test will replace the TAKS tests and the passing standards will not be set until fall 2012.
      Grades 1 and 2 Grade 3 Grades 4 and 5
    A Course Grades: State requirement of overall yearly average of 70 or above and local requirement of an average of 70 or above in reading, other language arts, mathematics, and science or social studies
    BHigh Frequency Word Test: Passing Score