Enrollment Requirements


    To register and enroll your child in Ernest McGowen Sr. Elementary, you must bring the following documents with you to school:

    Ø Birth Certificate and/or other proof of age and identity: Hospital birth record; adoption records or any other legal documents that establishes identity.
    Ø Proof of your identity and residential address: Driver's license and a current utility bill.

    Ø Current immunization Records: up to date and signed by a doctor.

    Ø Social Security Card

    Ø Previous or current report card: Required to properly place a student in his/her correct grade level.

    Ø Transfer form: Required if not zoned to Ernest McGowen Sr. Elementary.

    Ø ARD Documents: [Transfer ARD's are completed for those students receiving Special Education Services in their former schools. The transfer ARD is completed at the time of enrollment.

    Parents are notified at the time of registration that enrollment is incomplete until all the above documents are presented. Additionally, parents are also notified that upon enrollment in Ernest McGowen Sr. they have thirty (30) days from the date of enrollment to provide immunizations records or proof.