I have received and read a copy of The Williams Middle School Thirteen Non-Negotiables. Therefore, I declare that I am in agreement with and will abide by all the rules and regulations of Williams Middle School and the Houston Independent School District.

    ALSO, I REALIZE THAT I MUST ATTEND PARENT MEETINGS and take an active part in my child’s education in order for my child to be successful at Williams Middle School. In order to insure my child’s success, I agree to the following:

    Post The Thirteen Non-Negotiables, School Mission and School Vision in the home.

    All school forms (i.e. emergency contact card, medical and dental) must be on file.

    Contact school to update school records with phone number and/or address changes.

    Monitor my child’s completion of the Summer Reading and Writing assignments.

    Check daily to make sure my child is wearing The Williams Middle School uniform.

    Make sure my child arrives on time to school everyday.

    Provide my child with the necessary educational supplies.

    Provide my child with a quiet study place.

    Reduce the number of hours my child watches television and uses the computer recreationally. (Remove TV, computer and/or other electronic devices from child’s room.)

    Make sure my child does not post personal information or photos on websites such as myspace, facebook, sconex or other Internet websites.

    Help my child create and follow a reading, writing and study schedule for all subjects.

    Check my child’s homework nightly and check notebooks.

    Pick up/check my child’s report card on the date of distribution.

    Volunteer once a year for class trips, college trips and other school events.

    Monitor my child’s completion of Mastery Learning assignments.

    Once a week check the Williams Middle School Website ( for school announcements.

    Attend PTA Meetings, Administrative Conference Meetings and Parent-Teacher Conferences.

    Make sure my child returns Williams Middle School books at the end of the year in compliance with The Williams Middle School Book Return Policy.

    Finally, I have chosen to send my child to Williams Middle School because it is a college focused school. I will support the efforts of the school by making sure my child consistently attends the regular school program and attends enrichment programs during the school year and summer. 
    "The only thing that is stopping my students from going to college is me. Hard work and focused dedication."