• Northeast Houston  

     Basketball League Schedule




    Games will be played at 4516 Irvington Blvd. Houston, Tx 77009 on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  The first game of each day will begin at 4:15 p.m.  After the completion of the first game, the second game will immediately (5:00 p.m.) follow.


    2016 Basketball Schedule 


    1. Kashmere Gardens                                                                                       

    2. Kennedy                                                                                

    3. McGowen                                                               

    4. Looscan
    5. Osborne
    6. Lyons
    7. Herrera 

       Week 1

    Tuesday 9/20                                                  Thursday 9/22

                                    Rest Week                                                      Kashmere Gardens Vs. Kennedy

                                                                                         McGowen Vs. Looscan

                                                                                                             Week 2

    Tuesday 9/27                                                  Thursday 9/29

                                              McGowen Vs. Herrera                                    Looscan Vs. Kashmere Gardens            

                       Lyons Vs. Looscan                                          Kennedy Vs. Osborne        

                                                                                                             Week 3

    Tuesday 10/4                                                   Thursday 10/6

             McGowen Vs. Osborne                                   Herrera Vs. Kennedy

             Lyons Vs. Kashmere Gardens                      Osborne Vs. Looscan

       Week 4

    Tuesday 10/11                                                 Thursday 10/13

             McGowen Vs. Kashmere Gardens               Kennedy Vs. Looscan

                Lyons Vs. Herrera                                            Osborne Vs. McGowen 

                                                                                                             Week 5

    Tuesday 10/18                                                  Thursday 10/20

                                  Kashmere Gardens Vs. Herrera                    Kennedy Vs. Kashmere Gardens

                                  Lyons Vs. Osborne                                           McGowen Vs. Looscan    


                                                                                                            Week 6

    Tuesday 10/25                                                   Thursday 10/27

                                 Osborne Vs. Herrera                                          McGowen Vs. Kashmere Gardens

                   Lyons Vs. Kennedy                                         Herrera Vs. Kennedy
     Week 7
                Tuesday 11/1                                                     Thursday 11/3
              Kashmere Gardens Vs. Looscan                   McGowen Vs. Kennedy
                                            Lyons Vs. McGowen                                       Kashmere Gardens Vs. Osborne
     Week 8
                Tuesday 11/8                                                      Thursday 11/10
                                         McGowen Vs. Herrera                                    Looscan Vs. Kashmere Gardens
                         Lyons Vs. Looscan                                             Kennedy Vs. Osborne

              Playoffs will begin Tuesday, November 14th.  The playoff seeding will be decided based on records for the season.