• Burnet Sapphires Twirling Team

    Baton twirling has been a big part of Burnet Elementary for the past thirteen years! The twirling club begins with a Twirling Class which starts in September. The class consists of approximately 20 girls in grades 4th-5th.

    The girls compete in try-outs in November where 6 girls are chosen for the advanced group (Burnet Sapphires) and compete in twirling competitions for the remainder of the school year.Some of the places the twirlers have participated in include: Burnet School Programs, Jackson Middle School, Austin High School, Chavez High School, Ripley Houston, Barnett Stadium, Barnett Field House, Toyota Center, Mardi Gras Parade Galveston, Texas, Cinco de Mayo Downtown-Houston Parade, Robertson Stadium, and Battle of the Bands along with Austin High School Band at the University of Houston.Last year, the Burnet Sapphires won First Place at Houston’s Cheer and Dance Competition and at HBCD Competition.

    They also competed in two Texas State Twirling Competitions. They won a top rating of #1 in the Ratings Division and won Second in the Group Division in Magnolia, Texas.

    Teacher: J. Tobias