William S. Holland

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    In 1927, Mr. Ryan brought William S. Holland from Tennessee State College to Jack Yates High School to coach athletics. By 1928, Mr. Holland had a strong football team, and in 1930 Yates claimed the State Championship of Texas among the Negro high schools. Coach Holland was always an outspoken person and in 1935, he argued to get negro officials paid like their white counterparts. Mr. Holland refused to play two games to bring attention to the problem. He was successful in getting their Armistice Day game with Wheatley High School changed to Thanksgiving Day.
    W. S. Holland In September 1940, William S. Holland took over the principalship of Jack Yates after Mr. Ryan's death. Mr. Holland was admired by all for his domestic views and keen foresight, always thinking of the future of his students. He protected his students and faculty from the racial biases that existed. He once stopped the Yates band and majorettes from participating in the Armistice's Parade because Black schools had to march behind the horses in the parade. With his strong views toward discrimination; with his determination for every student to succeed; and because he wanted an outstanding football team; it is no wonder Jack Yates grew so rapidly. It is no wonder Jack Yates has always had an outstanding football team.
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