• Shearn’s SDMC
     May 22, 2014


    • Attendance

    • Safety (Walker) o Principal 200 Club Update (Adair)

    o Review and Approval of the School Wide Rules- Fourth Reading (Adair)

    o Review of SchoolWide Policies (Second Reading) (Adair)

    o Review and Approval of School Wide Rules- Fifth Reading (Garson, Keafer & Whitten)

    o Cafeteria Update- How is it going?

    o Hallway Noise is still a concern


    o Activity Funds (Buck) § Teachers not using funds- can be used for incentives, field trips, etc

    • HB5 Self Evaluation Data- submitted

    • Construction (Buck) o Concerns

    • Lighthouse Team o Keafer, Adair, Whitten and Garson

    • Staffing o Fully Staffed

    • Professional Development o Questions/Concerns/Needs § Fall Training • Personal Learning 8-11 to 8-13

    • Job Alike 8-14

    § Guided Reading

    § Debbie Diller

    § The Writing Academy

    § Baylor Science Training

    o PLC Needs

    • Academics o We still have 7 days of instruction left

    o Be sure everyone is focused on objectives, questioning, data and Differentiation

    o Looking at Data, Interventions Planning and Differentiation

    o Dual Language (Garson)

    • Support and Volunteers o Mission Southwest

    o Willow Meadows

    o Houston Chinese Church

    o Head Start

    o Parents

    • Other business







    Shearn Elementary SDMC Minutes

    May 22, 2014



    SDMC Members Present

    • Bill Buck- Principal

    • Sandy Adair- Professional Staff

    • Sherry Walker- Professional Staff

    • Marisela Aparicio- Support Staff

    • Bob Chenoweth- Mission Southwest

    • Lolly Hernandez- Head Start

    • Kathleen Garson- Classroom Teacher


    SDMC Members Absent

    • Eric Whitten- Classroom Teacher

    • Andres Monroy-Classroom Teacher

    • Katherine Keafer- Classroom Teacher

    • Parents

    Notes taken by Kathleen Garson


    Mrs. Adair brought up attendance and we reviewed the numbers for attendance. We discussed creating an incentive for parents so that they get their children to come to school. We should come up with a gas or dinner card or maybe grocery store card that could be a prize for parents if their students are present every day. This would be something that could start next year.


    Ms. Walker said that the heat is coming up please monitor kids outside and make sure they are drinking water. If there is an ozone alert do not take the kids outside. Mrs. Adair discussed sending an email about the ozone alert.

    Fire Marshall
    The Fire Marshall will be returning next week so everyone needs to be sure you look back to Mr. Buck’s email to make sure you are meeting the requirements that she cited us for.

     Principal’s 200 Club

    We have had 2 winning events and it is going well. Lots of columns are filled up!

    All School Wide Rules and Policies Approved


    The activity funds were distributed by Mr. Buck and they will be carried over for next year.


    Mrs. Adair said that she will check to make sure everything is going well and that the number of points is being tracked. We discussed the importance of the students having the visual reminder. Many classes got ice cream.

     Hallway Noise

    It is still loud in the hallway and we need to come up with incentives for next year to keep classes quiet in the hallway. We discussed having class wide incentives that could be distributed to classes that are walking quietly in the hallway. For instance, each class could have a container such as a jar and they could receive puff balls when another teacher or administrator recognizes that the class is walking quietly in the hallway. When the jar is full then the class could get a surprise party- pizza party, cookie part, popcorn party etc.


    HB5 has been collected and submitted to the district.

     Shearn Elementary Check Out

    We reviewed the check-out sheet. We reviewed changes together and Mrs. Adair wrote down the changes. Mrs. Aparicio said that final report cards are printed and given to teachers on Monday.

     Construction Concerns

    The air vents are still loud make sure you report to Mr. Buck. If there is a problem with the rooms being cleaned let Mr. Buck know. We will schedule a meeting with the cleaning staff to discuss concerns.

     Lighthouse Team

    We had our leadership day on Wednesday, May 21st and it was a great success. The kids were empowered and were great leaders. Everyone enjoyed the event and the musical performances were amazing. We discussed the 7 habits and how it has helped us meet our decrease in discipline referrals. Students are taking responsibility for their own actions instead of playing the blame game. Lighthouse will be meeting next week to discuss the end of year report.

     Professional Development

    There are many training sessions that are happening over the summer. Make sure that you try to attend these over the summer so that you are not pulled out of the class for training in the fall. Mr. Buck will create a spreadsheet to help teachers and staff know what training sessions they have signed up for. Literacy by 3 is a 4 day training that is required by the district for all K-3 teachers and may be required for 4th and 5th. Mr. Buck recommended that teachers take it during the summer so that that they can be paid and not have to be pulled 4 days in the fall from their classes. In addition there is PL1 training on 8-11 to 8-13 and Job Alike on 8-14. Debbie Diller training is recommended and The Writing Academy Training is also highly recommended since this is the program we use school wide. The Baylor Science Training is also highly recommended and it pays a $1,500.00 stipend.

     Mission Southwest
    Mission Southwest had a fair that was well attended recently and they were able to raise a lot of money. Mr. Chenoweth attended the volunteer appreciation event. He said it was neat to see the kids and watch the dancers and music. The people that were able to come appreciated the event. They have met with Westminster Methodist and there are some people joining and mentoring. They will meet this summer and start planning for next year.

     Head Start

    Ms. Hernandez said that there was a poor turnout on the parent meeting this past time. They brainstormed changing the time. They discussed changing the time to right before pick up time. They said they might combine the Title 1 and Head Start Meetings. They are doing callouts for the meetings. There is a great turnout when the students present. Maybe each grade level could prepare a song for each meeting if it is paired with the Title 1. The health screenings are completed. Ms. Hernandez wants to include the height and weight of Pre-K teachers as well so they see how they are growing and changing. Right now there are enough students for one  Head Start classroom for next year. Ms. Hernandez discussed putting all of the Head Start students in one classroom next year and it looks like there may be even less Head Start Teachers next year than this year because so many do not qualify based upon income. Ms. Aparicio will be collecting evidence for 2 pay periods to assist Head Start in qualifying students.