The purpose of the Title I, Part A program is to ensure that all children have a fair, equal, and significant opportunity to obtain a high-quality education by focusing on student achievement.

    PNP School Participation Requirements

    A private nonprofit school must have students enrolled that reside within an HISD Title I school attendance area to generate a planning allocation for supplemental instructional services.

    To Generate the Campus Planning Allocation

    • The students reside within the HISD attendance area of a Title I school only.
    • The poverty criteria of those students who reside in the attendance area of the Title I school is attached to that student (poverty percentage of Title I campus will be applied to number of PNP students residing in that area).  These calculations are based on the Proportionality Method.
    • The proportionality data remains in effect for a two-year cycle.

    To Receive Title I, Part A Services 

    • The students must reside within the HISD attendance area of a Title I school.
    • The student must be failing or at risk of failing reading and/or math indicated by supporting documentation.

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