Campus Name: 
    Isaacs Elementary School


    R. L. Isaacs Elementary school is administrated by Principal Rosemarie Cumings and is part of the Elementary Area 1 group.  Isaacs is located in the Kashmere Gardens area of the historical Fifth Ward community in Northeast Houston. At the end of the 2015-2016 school year, Isaacs had a total enrollment of 350 students. Isaacs presently provides instruction for students in grades Prekindergarten to fifth grade.

    The mission of Rollin Lee Isaacs Elementary School of Careers and Service is to equip students with the essential tools to be academically and socially successful through rigorous instruction and character development.

    The vision of Rollin Lee Isaacs Elementary is to cultivate life-long global learners with an emphasis on becoming a distinguished and a national blue-ribbon school.

    The school motto for Rollin Lee Isaacs Elementary is, “Do the Right Thing, Because it is the Right Thing to DO”.

    Rollin Lee Isaacs’s school population for 2015-2016 revealed that (40%) of our students are African American and (60%) are Hispanic, (95%) Economic Disadvantage, (9.8%) Gifted and Talented, (32%) Limited English Proficient (LEP), and (14.8%) Special Education.

    Rollin Lee Isaacs staff is currently made up of 39 staff members. Of the thirty-five staff members, 23 are certified and 6 are support staff. All 23 teachers are highly qualified.


    Isaacs Elementary area of focus for the 2016-2017 will be increasing the Index 3 Performance Gap between our African American and Hispanic students. The specific emphasis will be with our current 5th grade African American students: in 2014 African American 4th grade students passed the Reading STAAR (54%) as compared to Hispanics at (58%); in Math STAAR African Americans (45%) and Hispanics (68%) and in Science STAAR African American (47%) and Hispanics (55%). 


    Second area of focus to increase Index 1 and Index 4, we will be in improving the overall passing rates for all of our students in Reading STAAR from (56%) to (70%); Math STAAR from (59%) to (70%); Writing from (60%) to (70%); and Science STAAR from (52%) to (65%).


    The third area of focus will be to improve ELL performance on English Reading STAAR in Grades 3, 4, and 5 as in 2013-2014 the passing rate was (54%); on the English Math STAAR in Grades 3, 4, and 5 in the same year the passing rate was (56%). The trend continued in the 2013-2014 English Stanford test, the ELL students on the English Reading Stanford passed at (29%) and in the English Math Stanford passed at (44%). As a result of the 2013-2014 TELPAS our ELL students from Grades 1-5 there was a lack of percent making gains, the exception was third grade (67%); moreover, the percent of our ELL students exiting LEP enrollment did not show improvement except among our 4th grade (38%).


    Instructional Practice and Support

    As a Treatment School, we are departmentalized for our Kindergarten through 5th grade which allows the teachers to deliver their lesson with greater preparation. Students rotate between Reading- Writing and Math- Science blocks. Social Studies is typically taught in the homeroom class. This year in addition to having Teacher Development Specialists (one Math/ Science and one Reading/ Writing), Isaacs has included two full-time dedicated Instructional Specialists to support the teachers (one Math/Science and one Reading/Writing/ Social Studies).  During the campus professional development we have incorporated Thinking Maps training, and Dr. Stephen G. Peters working on Campus Culture.

    Every Monday the administrative team and the Instructional Specialists meet with grade level teams to help plan, design and breakdown data. Every Tuesday the administrative team leads Professional Learning Community meetings to promote and reinforce instructional practice.



    School wide we are allocating 10 additional minutes for independent reading. We are implementing the district mandated initiatives in Literacy by 3 as Isaacs E.S. has been a Think Literacy campus for the past 3 years incorporating the Read Aloud, Guided Reading and Independent Reading at a higher rigor that the district is implementing. We are utilizing IStation for Kindergarten through 5th grade. Isaacs E.S. is also incorporating the American Reading Company’s framework to help ensure we are maximizing the HISD Literacy by 3 initiatives. Twice a year the school will host Literacy Family Nights to elicit support in implementing the classroom strategies at home.



    Isaacs E.S. is incorporating the district Abydos Writing Training to support the writing skills of all our students Kindergarten through 5th grade.



    As a Treatment School, we are departmentalized for our Kindergarten through 5th grade.  With the new Math adoption and New TEKS, all math teachers have participated in the district training. We are implementing the district mandated initiatives using the Think Through Math for 3-5th grades.  Twice a year the school will host Math Family Night to elicit support in implementing classroom strategies at home.



    All teachers participated in the new textbook adoption training. The instructional specialist works with Kindergarten through 5th grade on implementing science lessons. Isaacs Elementary has a new FOSS Science Kit resource to help the teachers create hands on labs to reinforce the lessons.



    2013-2014 Isaacs Elementary was recognized by the district as having the single highest percentage increase in attendance and the highest attendance percentage in Elementary Area 1.  In an effort to increase from last year, Isaacs will continue to actively monitor attendance and identify students with excessive absences. Students with excessive absences are put on an attendance contract and if the absences continue, the school will file for truancy against the family. Moreover, we recognize and promote attendance by having attendance initiatives with rewards for grade levels with 100% in attendance. 


    Parent Involvement

    The parent component is critical to the success of our school. We ensure that we communicate with parents through multiple mediums. Isaacs utilizes our Thursday folder to send out flyers and important information, newsletters, and calendar of events. The school website is constantly updated to reflect upcoming events and can be used a resource. The school also has a Twitter account to spread information and share upcoming events.  A carry over from last year, we are a HISD HIPPY campus which gets parents of 3-4 year old children home focused instructional support which helps the child as he transitions to Kindergarten. The administrative team has a monthly Pastries with the Principal to share information and give parents an avenue to informally communicate with the administrative team. 2013-2014 Isaacs Elementary had the highest percentage increase registered with the HISD VIP program and this year we expect to beat those numbers this year.


    Special Education

    Currently Isaacs Elementary has 27 special education students, of which 10 are in the SLC classroom. The rest of the 17 students are all in general education classes as per their LRE and Mr. McGuire the Special Education Resource teacher will pull the 3-5th grade Special Education students into smaller groups to help reinforce the instruction.



    Isaacs Elementary currently has 125 LEP students. Prior to 2013-2014, LEP students had less than 1% exit rate out of ESL. Carrying over from 2013-2014 through this year, ELL students will have increased English instruction during the instructional day, which was not occurring in the past. This strategy will support in the exit process. Bilingual classes are utilizing the Rosetta Stone software during the instructional day as a computer station.



    Isaacs Elementary classroom management policies and expectations has improved the Discipline in the classrooms. In 2013-2014 Isaacs Elementary had ZERO out of school suspensions for Special Education students.  The school incorporated In-School suspension for minor violations. So far in 2014-2015 the student discipline has shown a constant progress.