• Music:  “Found Sounds”  Music can be found anywhere, even at home!  Look for items in your home that you can make instruments out of such as:

    Pots with spoons (drum)
    Pot Lids (cymbals)
    Full or empty drink bottles (blow over the bottle to make a pitch)

    Challenge yourself to play different rhythms with these “instruments” 
    Remember to clap or pat your rhythm syllables! 
    Ta-Ta-Ta-Ta (K-5)
    Tadi-Tadi-Tadi-Tadi (K-5)
    Tacadimi-Tacadimi-Tacadimi-Tacadimi (2-5)

    Students 2nd -5th grade
    Sing through your Solfege “Soul-fish” (😊) Syllables with handsigns
    Do (fist at belly button)
    Re (“Karate” hand.  Fingers together, at an angle pointing up and in)
    Mi (Fingers together, flat, like a table top)
    Fa (“Thumbs Down”)
    Sol (Fingers together, thumb on top, pinky on bottom, palm facing in)
    La (fingertips facing down, hand open like a “C”)
    Ti ( fist with index finger pointing up and in)
    Do (fist on top of head)
    *Remember that as your sing higher in pitch, your hand goes higher with your signs!

  • Week of April 6-10


    Here are the instructions to log into Quaver Music. Ms. Timmons will be assigning lessons weekly so be on the lookout! Click here to log into Quaver Music

  • Week of April 20-27

    There are new activities on Quaver for grades 1-5 on the Clever site for HISD. 

    Also this is the Disney Sing Along website for kiddos who want to sing their favorite Disney Tunes with their friends!!!