• Schlechty's Engaging Students: Chapter 1

    Posted by Nolan Jeffery on 11/29/2018

    Engaging Students

    Blog Post 11/29/2018

    Good Morning DAEP Family,

    In Chapter 1 of Schlechty’s Engaging Students book he brought up an interesting concept that called for educators to reconceive the traditional relationship between teacher and student, specifically where teacher’s direct student learning rather than control it. He further stated that we should consider students the customers of our work and refer to ourselves as the designers of that work. The book also provided additional context to this concept by quoting Peter Drucker’s synopsis of the aim of any business in which he stated,” The primary goal of any business should be getting and keeping customers.” If this is an accurate depiction of the 21st Century version of educational relationships between teacher and student, how should our current practices change?

    Qoute of the Week

    “I am now more firmly convinced than ever before that if teachers are to design more engaging work for students, those who control schools and the way schools operate must be prepared to design schools and school districts in ways that are supportive of this activity.”

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