Fine Arts Department

  • Our Fine Arts Magnet Program:

    Gregory-Lincoln is a school-wide magnet for the Performing and Visual Arts in which all students participate in the magnet program. There is free bus transportation for the magnet transfer students that qualify. Our application process follows HISD policies and timelines.


    Students are expected to advance in skill development so they can join a fine arts performing group. Students perform and display their work in school-wide events throughout the year. The performers participate in local area competitions, win awards and recognition, and gain exposure and experience at a multitude of events.


    Additionally, we offer tutoring and intervention before, during, and after school so we can meet the needs of all our students.

    Our Fine Art Magnet Classes:


    • Art allows students to study and practice art elements and principles in a variety of media within a historical context. Students display their work throughout the year at many local venues and participate in thematic competitions annually.


    • Band consists of instruments from the woodwind, brass, and percussion families. Students learn to read music, play in correct positions and develop critical thinking skills.


    • Choir and General Music offer the fundamentals of music theory. The singers learn to read, perform and appreciate many different vocal styles, music genres, and they also learn to play rhythm and pitched instruments.


    • Dance offers studies in ballet, jazz, modern, creative movement, hip-hop, and tap while developing basic technical skills. The dance program fosters creativity, cooperative learning, critical thinking, problem-solving, and evaluation of performance within a safe, non-threatening environment.


    • Theater offers the fundamentals of performing theater. Students rehearse throughout the year and perform an annual school musical at the end of the school year.


    • Culinary Arts offers practical training in a modern kitchen from an instructor with real-world experience. Students will have the opportunity to learn the hospitality and restaurant management skills needed to attain their goals of running a food operation from front to back. 


    • Physical Education classes integrate sports science into their curriculum.  Students learn about their muscles, bones, heart rate, nutrition, and other fun facts about being healthy and fit for life.