Welcome to a wonderful school year 2023 - 2024:

  • Ms. Adriana Castro, Principal
     Adriana Abarca-Castro

    We are so lucky to have a beautiful school with beautiful children, the children and our community are the number one priority in all of our goals. Our previous years at Moreno were very successful in so many ways. We are a TEA Meet Standard School with an "A" rating for the year 2021 - 2022 and all 6 possible Distinction Designation: Academic Achievement in Reading, Academic Achievement in Math, Academic Achievement in Science, Comparative Academic Growth, Postsecondary Readiness, and Comparative Closing the Gaps. This year at Moreno we have many activities planned for your children as well as you that focus on all academic areas. I hope that you will be part of these activities.

    School Activities

    Our community involvement activities include, parent classes, field lessons, VIPS involvement activities, police information, nutrition classes, immunizations/flu shots being offered here, family science/math/technology day and night, book fair, book authors, dance classes, boy scouts program for boys and girls, gardening project, Wrapaorund Services, Backpack Buddy Program, Christmas Program, Black History Month, recycling, soccer, track, camp, fundraising, etc... As you can see our year is filled with many goals for our school. I hope that you will commit to being a part of some or ALL, your reward and your child's reward will be a successful academic year.

    Student Attendance

    Please send your child to school every day. One day that they are out is a day that they have missed on instruction. Even when they make-up the work, it is not the same as being in school. So please commit to sending them, making appointments after the attendance time. This year, we are working on Social-Emotional Learning. This is so important for your child's overall well being, getting along with others, their self-esteem, being able to have a great social IQ, which is what research indicates helps people to become successful in life. 

    Moreno Staff
    We have intelligent, good-hearted, goal-oriented teachers that love and care about your children, SUPPORT THEM, your child's learning is the big reward. We have great cafeteria ladies that cook delicious food that nourish your children. Excellent teacher assistants that help in every capacity in our school. We have dedicated front office personnel that care about each and every one of you that comes to our school, and always with a smile while being efficient. We have custodians that take great pride in helping our school look the best!!!
    And you have a principal that will do whatever it takes to achieve all of Moreno's school goals.

    "I hope that you will choose to commit to be a part of your child's education this year and for life."

    Adriana Abarca-Castro