Red Ribbon Poster Contest 2021

  • Poster Contest 2021-2022

    Hello Lantrip Family 🤗 It’s October, with RED RIBBON WEEK COMING UP THE LAST WEEK OF OCTOBER when we remember to live drug-free and Bully-free. But we focus on the positive, THE LANTRIP WAY♥️ BE KIND- BE RESPONSIBLE-BE A LEADER AND-BE YOUR BEST! And rather than just saying “don’t be a bully “ we focus on KINDNESS! We focus on how to be kind to ourselves, others and the planet. Poster Contest details above. AND DONT FORGET, WEAR RED EVERY FRIDAY TO REMEMBER TO STOP AND NEVER BE A BULLY and to pledge to live drug-free.!


    The posters for 2021-2022 will be due October 14 or October 15.

    Red Ribbon Month

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