• Ms. Alvarado

    Hello everybody, I’m Yolanda Alvarado, Wraparound Specialist at Briscoe Elementary.


    This is my second year in this position at Briscoe Elementary and I happy to be back. I’m a life-long East End resident and I’m fortunate to work in an area so near and dear to me.

    As a Wraparound specialist, my priority is to help students and their family members with needs such as:

    Medical and Mental Health, Food, Housing, Incarceration of a parent/s, Legal and Crisis Support and other challenges that might have adverse effects on a student’s readiness and ability to learn. I connect students and families to appropriate resources and service providers that offer rental assistance, food assistance, or therapy, etc. to support the student inside and outside the classroom.


    My services can be accessed by submitting a Student Assistance form (SAF). I encourage community members: students, teachers/staff, parents, and community partners that if they "see something, they do something" concerning the wellbeing of a student and submit a SAF. Wraparound can only be successful with the involvement of the community. Being my eyes and ears, engaging with me, and vocalizing your concerns and community strengths is crucial in our students' success. I look forward to working with you all and I am excited for the new school year!


    Email: Yolanda.alvarado@houstonisd.org

    Work Phone: (713) 924-1740

    SAF links: https://tinyurl.com/hisdsaf