• Imagine Learning Celebration

  • As many of you know, because of the uniqueness of the pandemic, Braeburn and the rest of the district had to make many adjustments to help teach our students. One of the tools that was and continues to be such an intricate part of a differentiated class room is the application Imagine Learning. With it teachers were able to manage the various levels of their students and create customizable learning opportunities. Students were also reintroduced to a system that became more ubiquitous as a source of reinforcement of skills. Thus, children and technology became a natural fit. Many dedicated themselves to Imagine and the quality of their work in the classroom and in what  was recorded in the program as well. Weekly and monthly wall rankings sprout out across all grade levels and were present across the school. These rankings culminated in an end of the year race to the finish and the competition was fierce! Ultimately, those that went far and beyond for their academics were rewarded with a school wide announcement and were presented  brand new bikes! Congratulations to those mighty Bobcat learners!


    Contributed by J. De Leon