• Through Their Eyes

         “Through Their Eyes” is the name of the first mural located at the entrance at Rampart Street.  The author Alex Arzu explains that the contents of the mural is a painting of a girl and a boy.  In their field of vision they are surrounded by butterflies and sparrows.  The background is an abstraction of peony flowers that symbolize love, honor, happiness and wealth.  Butterflies migrate through Gulfton that are iconically familiar to the community.  Sparrows represent simplicity, empowerment, and community. The hexagon represents mental health and the potential for life. “Through Their Eyes” tells us of the richness in all these things start with children and through their eyes we can find the tools for happiness and well-being.  As an adult we learn from them and they learn from us.  It is our responsibility to keep them safe, protected, healthy and empowered.


    We Rise Together

    “We Rise Together” was created by Jesse de Leon. Both murals were created to bring awareness to mental health resources and COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy, including visuals to symbolize hope and happiness.